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Makaylah Banks

Property Management Assistant

Makaylah has grown up in Warkworth and surrounding areas and  is the fourth generation Bogue family member to be involved in real estate in Warkworth.

Makaylah has recently joined our team on a part time basis, after having her youngest child in March 2023. Previously working in the early childhood sector for 9 years and obtaining her Early Childhood Qualification in 2020. 

This role required her to establish long standing respectful and reciprocal relationships, where open communication, developing and fostering trust was central to the role. Makaylah's background as an early childhood educator has supported her transition to a new direction where interactions with people from all ages and walks of life is a core part of the job. 

Makaylah is friendly and approachable and has a genuine passion for advocating for and supporting Landlords and Tenants alike.